Purchase shares in Meisler Yachts Ltd.



Meisler Yachts Ltd., Bahamas, is seeking start-up capital of $50 millions for the planned luxury fleet a total of 40 luxury motor yachts - Platinum Yachting Club No 1.

2 million shares will be put out for sale a $25 per share.

The Company was registered on 25 February 2015 in The Bahamas IBC Register, with a total of 10 million shares. Pre money valuation is $250.0 million.

In accordance with five-year budgets in the Business Plan, this share value will increase from $25 to $100.00 per share after 5 years.

This will give a profit of more than 70% per year.

Minimum purchase of shares is 50,000 shares.

We welcome you to participate in this exciting business opportunity.

Meisler Yachts Ltd.
Registered: Nassau, Bahamas
Administration, Sales and Operations: Fort Lauderdale, Florida – USA


Meisler Yachts Ltd. is an international shipping company which is developing a Yacht Part Ownership Program with 19 Broward Luxury Motor Yachts sailing on 4 continents starting June 1st 2021. 6x 115 Benetti Classic and 10x 164 feet Benetti Golden Bay sailing on 5 continents, which is planned to start up with the first yacht on December 1st 2021. 

Founder & CEO Gustav Meisler, together with an international expert team from the yacht and cruise industry, saw similar trends of part-ownership programs for luxury businesses such as with real-estate, crew ships, private jets (Net Jets), hotel chains (time-shares), jewellery and automobiles.  The founders have a passion and deep understanding for the yachting industry and wanted to apply the same business model to their industry, creating a unique market opportunity.

The Company aims to purchase pre-owned yachts and upgrade the yachts to today’s highest quality standards, including the latest technology, amenities, accommodations and entertainment. The advantage of this is that the yachts have already been built and can be put into the program immediately. The shares will be broken down by weeks, with the Broward yachts having 40 weeks available.  

The 10 Benetti yachts have 40 shares available. Meisler Yachts has also a new building program planned, which is to build five “Meisler Crown Princess”, 301 feet (92 m) Super Luxury Motor Yachts for delivery in 2023 and 2025. 

The Company is seeking an investment of $50.0 million in Start Up financing to be allocated towards the office in Ft. Lauderdale, project development, consulting, legal fees and purchase of the first 301 feet Meisler Crown Princess yachts, and working capital for 12 months.


The company will put up for sale 2,000,000 shares at a share price of $ 25 per share. Within a five-year period, the share value increase to $ 100.00 + per share. A summary of the Projection is highlighted in the figure below.


Meisler Yacht Founder and Owner, Gustav Meisler has been a luxury yacht owner and has operated charter businesses for many years. After spending the last 25 years working and studying the international luxury yacht and cruise industry, he has over the last eight years concentrated on the development of the new trend-the fractional ownership industry. The fractional ownership industry has shown success with private jets, hotel chains, cars, jewelery and a few more.  

In 2006, the Company wanted to launch with three identical new luxury motor yachts in the Part Ownership Program.  Unfortunately, the economic crisis in 2008 occurred, and the construction contract came to a halt. 

The timing of entering the market became more feasible in 2016, and Meisler Yachts decided to take the Company in a new direction; i.e. purchase 25 pre-owned luxury motor yachts to be upgraded to the highest quality standard and put into the Meisler Part Ownership Program.


The Company would like to launch internationally, with the largest market being in the U.S. and Europe. It is also now on the way to become an ownership also in South America, Russia and Asia including China.

After spending a lot of energy and the number of hours to get to the bottom of the Fractional Ownership programs on luxury yachts, there are currently no companies operating on several continents with identical yachts. The existing features different types of yachts and they are sold out with 34 to 40 weeks per year and with different price levels. Therefore, this new program will be completely UNIQUE in luxury yachting. 

The Meisler Yacht part Ownership Program is the only company offering weekly Part Ownership Shares being sold at a price that is at least 65% below that paid for a week's charter cruise with a similar yacht today. This offering does not compromise the quality and standard of the luxury yacht and the experience.  


There will be 19x 37m Luxury Motor Yachts sailing on 5 continents. 6x 35m and and 10 identical 50 meter (164 foot) luxury motor yachts sailing on 5 continents, available to part owners, giving them the ability to sail on five continents for one-third the cost that a typical yacht owner would incur. The yachts come with a crew of six to twelve to provide quality customer service to all guests.  Participants can enjoy the sundeck, Jacuzzi, sky lounge, water-sport equipment, entertainment systems, computers, internet, cable, underwater cameras, and more.  With a 12-knot cruising speed, each Meisler Princess yachts can cover long distances at night when the guests are asleep.

Meisler Yachts are the first to offer this program internationally.

The 19 Luxury Yachts have a top speed of 22 knots and a cruising speed of 19 knots and can have 12 guests in 5 cabins. Accommodation for crew is 6.

The 10x 164 foot Luxury Yachts have a top speed of 17 knots and a cruising speed of 12 knots and can have 12 guests in 6 Cabins. Accommodation for crew is 12.


Meisler Yachts operates within the luxury yacht industry. This includes the overall supply of luxury yachts, which includes purchases of new or used yachts and chartering. The industry is made up of a target market of high net worth individuals investing in superyachts, as well as the global supply and demand of existing superyachts (at least 24 meters in length) and those in construction. The global economic climate, demand by high net worth individuals (HNWI), and supply/construction of these yachts are the three factors contributing to the greater functioning of the industry. 

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